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The Dart 2.0 Speaker

The Dart 2.0 Speaker

Our speakers are trusted by 50,000+ golfers.

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The new and improved Dart 2.0 Magnetic Speaker! You asked for the ability to clip to your bag, and you got it! Our upgraded 2.0 comes with a detachable bag carabiner, stronger magnet, 10+ hour battery life, and is USB-C rechargeable. Designed for both the walker and rider. Best of both worlds!
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    What's in the box?

    • Dart 2.0 Speaker
    • Bag Clip Carabiner
    • USB-C Charging Cord
    • Pinned Playlist Flyer
    • Instruction Manual
    • Device Registration Guide


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    Bag Carabiner

    Easily attach your speaker to any type of bag or take the clip off and toss it on your cart with the built-in magnet.

    Super Strong

    Built-In Magnet

    Super strong built-in magnet that allows you to easily attach your speaker to any cart car and know it will never fall off.

    10+ Hours

    Battery Life

    A long lasting battery will allow you to jam out on the course for multiple rounds!


    Two Speakers

    We all know, two is better than one. So, pair up another Dart 2.0 speaker and have cart surround sound out on the course.

    Good Music. Good Vibes. Good Golf.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you remove the bag clip?

    Yes! Our bag clip is completely detachable.

    Can you pair two Dart speakers together?

    Yes! Our Dual Dart Pairing feature allows you to connect two Darts together to amplify your own tunes or share with the other cart.

    Is the magnet strong?

    Yes! Our Dart 2.0 golf speakers are built with N52 magnets, which are the strongest grade magnet you can find. It's not falling off!

    Is it waterproof?

    Yes! Our Dart 2.0 golf speaker is completely waterproof and can even be submerged for 30 minutes.

    Can I use any USB-C cord to charge?

    Please use the USB-C charging cord that comes with your Dart 2.0 golf speaker.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 51 reviews

    Website should say that pairing two speakers together does NOT work with iPhones…

    Jeff D. (Concord, US)
    Dual pairing not allowed on iPhones

    It should say that dual pairing of these speakers is not compatible with iPhones.

    Hi Jeff- I am sorry you are having trouble with pairing your Darts but they are compatable with iPhones. Please reachout to and we'll help you with this!


    Sound is great; loud without distortion. Magnet is strong. Color is darker than appears in the picture.

    A C. (Manhattan Beach, US)
    Awesome sound for the course

    Sounds great and is compact so much easier to haul around

    Richard M. (Fresno, US)
    Pinned Speaker

    I recently purchased a pinned speaker. It worked great!!! It stayed magnetized to the golf cart.. I would recommend this little speaker to anyone!!!


    Great product. Love it , good sound and great for the golf cart

    Michael (Brooklyn, US)
    Best speaker & best price

    Sound is incredible. Magnet is super strong. Hook works great when attached to your bag. Hard to beat the price and charge lasts a long time! So many colors!