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New 2024 Product

Caddie Combo+

Caddie Combo+

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Pick Your Rangefinder Color: Black
Pick Your Speaker Color: Red
Pick Your Charger Color: Black

There is no better combo. Choose your Prism+ color, Dart color, head to the course and go low! The Caddie Combo+ is the perfect addition to anyones golf game. Get dialed in with our Prism rangefinder while listening to your favorite tunes! 

Includes Prism+ Rangefinder, Dart 2.0 Speaker and a portable charger. 

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What's included?

  • Prism+ Rangefinder
  • Dart 2.0 Magnetic Speaker
  • Portable Charger


Orders are typically fulfilled and shipped Monday through Friday within 24 hours of being placed.

We offer a few domestic and international shipping options based on your budget and how quickly you want to get dialed in!

The Pinned Promise

We don't release a product unless it hits on these 4 core values...

  1. Elevates your game
  2. Styled to turn heads
  3. Pushes the envelop
  4. Stands the test of time
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Brand New

Prism+ Rangefinder

Our brand new laser rangefinder ia packed with new cutting edge software, a dialed in performance aesthetic and never before seen features. The Prism+ is a stylish testament to our commitment to innovation and making the game of golf more fun. 

Highly Acclaimed

Dart 2.0 Speaker

Turn up the tunes out on the course with a speaker a compact speaker that shoots better than it's handicap. It might be small but the sound quality allows you to jam out all round long. Designed for both walkers or riders as it has a clip for your bag and also a built-in magnet. Best of both worlds!

Long Lasting

Portable Charger

Never let either of your Caddie Combo+ products die out on the course. Toss this compact portable charger in your bag and never worry about a dead battery again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you turn slope on and off?

Yes, The Prism+ golf rangefinder comes with a slope switch that allows you to turn the slope on and off. This means that our golf rangefinder is completely tournament legal.

How do I know they're fully charged?

One 45 minute charge when you receive it and you will be good for the entire season! When fully charged, the green light will be lit.

Can I use any USB-C charger?

Please use the USB-C charging cord that comes with your Prism+.

How do I use my rangefinder?

Please head over to our tutorial section to learn how to use your device.

Should I register my devices?

You do not have to but it is strongly encouraged to register your device once you have received it.

How do I use my Speaker?

Please head over to our tutorial section to learn how to use your device.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1076 reviews
Serge (Los Angeles, US)
Solid product… better company!!

Did a lot of research before choosing Prism+ liked the features and ease of use. Really solid device for the cost. No difference in yardage, slope calculation, flag lock when measuring against top of the market units my buddies spent $400+ on. First round….. By the back nine., we were only using prism+ for range. Because everyone was asking about it and checking it out.
The real diff is the company. So I buy the Prism+… wait more than a week to get it… and the unit doesn’t work. I’m pissed. Email the company… before I even woke up the next day, they responded.. sent me a return shipping label. Cool… another 2 weeks for a replacement… Nope!! 2nd day Air shipping of a new unit. Great communication the whole time. New unit comes 2 days later… works perfectly…..but that’s not all…… they threw in some cool swag AND a hand written apology card. Who does that?? These guys do!!!
Solid device….. solid people behind it… you can’t ask for more. Get yourself one of these… i mean who the hell wants to buy batteries in 2024.

Jameson R. (Broken Arrow, US)
Not too bad

I purchased the "Pinned" rangefinder after owning the "Blue Tees" version 1 without slop for several years. There are some positives. I like the color, I like the built in magnet, I like the case, I like that it is usb-c charging, I like that it includes slope. I purchased this for my daughter who is a junior golfer, instead of buying the Bushnell V6.

I ended up buying the Bushnell V6 for myself and the they basically both read the same. The only difference is it iis easier and quicker to lock on to a pin from the Bushnell. Sometimes the pinned reticle can be hard to see, a little blurry, and it can take a moment to lock on. If I had to go back and choose, I probably would have just gotten the Bushnell V6.

End of the day, my daughter has her own rangefinder and she likes it, but I definitely prefer the Bushnell.

peter (Madison, US)
The best

I have had bushnell and Callaway prior. Pinned value is 10x others. Precise, durable, dependent.

Stephen R.


Chris C. (Washington, US)
Great product. Great service

I received this as a gift from my daughter. Something must have happened during shipping. The Pinned team rectified the situation and communicated throughout the whole process. Thanks for the great service!


I may have just got the one bad apple of the bunch that doesn’t work. The red lights do not display. It vibrates but no yardages. I’m sending back for a refund

Ben (Wellesley, US)

Great product. Cheap and durable. The simplicity of it makes it beat out its competitors. Also no batteries and USB charger is unreal.