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Our rangefinder has the most advanced software, top tier materials and a jaw dropping display to allow you to be dialed in every round.

Slope Technology

USB-C Charged (no more batteries!)

Built-In Magnet

60 Round battery life

Pinned lock vibration

Trusted by the best

  • “Knowing your distances on the course is extremely necessary to get better. There is no better option to get you dialed in than Pinned Golf.”

    Michael Breed

    PGA Teacher of the Year

  • “The Prism is unique in design and just as if not more accurate than other rangefinders I’ve used in the past. It gives me the confidence in my game and keeps me dialed in from tee to green!”

    Olivia Mitchell

    NCAA Champion

  • “Pinned Golf’s rangefinders are on another level. I’ve been using theirs for years and they keep getting better and better!”

    Jake Hutt

    PGA Teaching Professional

Top Features

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Slope Technology

Built-In Magnet

Pinned Lock Vibration

USB-C Rechargeable

True playing distances.

Slope technology for accurate elevation calculations.

Precise distance measurements accounting for hill gradients.

Ensure informed shots and club selection every time.

No more batteries.

USB-C compatibility for modern charging.

Rapid recharge ensures minimal downtime.

Environmentally-friendly with repeated use.

Always dialed in.

Secure magnetic attachment to golf carts and metal surfaces.

Strong hold with effortless detachment.

Always within arm's reach for utmost convenience.

Swing with confidence.

Pinned Lock Vibration for precise flag targeting.

Subtle vibration offers instant tactile feedback.

Boost confidence and accuracy; never second-guess targets.

Over 250,000 Happy Golfers

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our customer’s have to say about our rangefinder:

  • Thomas L


    Pinned is the best! Switched from a Tushnell and haven’t looked back. Highly recommend.

  • Peter B


    I bought my rangefinder a month ago and I love it . The accuracy is great and the fact you do not have to worry about needing a battery in the middle of your round is great.

  • Tim S


    I’ve played two rounds of golf with my new neon green The Prism range finder and love it. My favorite features are the PinnedLock Vibration and the USB charging.

  • Richard M


    I have had the chance to use the Prism for 4 rounds so far, and it is FANTASTIC! The viewfinder is clear…the 7x magnification makes it easy to hone in on the target to hit it properly.

  • Julian J


    Once I received the Prism, quality packaging revealed an outstanding range finder. Throughout the first round, it proved itself invaluable and extremely accurate compared to my cell phone GPS app.

  • Marcy H


    I like the pinned range finder a lot. Design is great, feels good in hand. Overall great product for the price and very happy with it.

  • Robert H


    Great range finder and significant upgrade over my old one. Love the magnet and the vibration when looked in on your target. All the features you need and no more batteries.

Why we're the best.

Slope Technology

Built-In Magnet

USB-C Rechargeable Battery

Less than $250

Distances to the Decimal

9 Beautiful Colors


Other Rangefinders

The Prism Specs

Slope Technology

Uphill and downhill adjustments

External Slope Switch

Tournament legal

Magnetic Grip

For easy access

HD Optics

Ultra clear display

Pinned lock vibration

Vibrates when laser hits the target


+/- 0.1 yard

Measuring Range

1000 Yards



Water Resistant


Yard & Meter Measurements


Battery Life

60 rounds, rechargeable USB-C

Customer Reviews

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Purchasing pinned range

Been trying on my phone by signing in taking a picture of my military ID and still have not been able to get through I don't understand Raytown my number is [****] 355 My email is f CD [****]

Matthew Mancini
Parker Deserves a Raise

I’ve been golfing since middle school. Never really was interested in a range finder. Just used a buddies. Price points were always too high for the quality I wanted. Parker reassured me of the quality even though I was skeptical at such a low price point. She should get a raise or bonus (and then kick me back some of the money).

Don J
Prism Rangefinder

I have had my rangefinder a few weeks now. I have played a couple of rounds and used it at the range. It acquires the target very easily and I have found it to be very accurate. The magnet is strong and sticks to the cart very well. I have not had to recharge it yet. Very happy with this rangefinder. I purchased the bright red so that I wouldn’t forget to take it out of the cart or leave it on the course somewhere.

Jack Hannaman
Pinned Rangefinder

In using my rangefinder I find that when I check the distance to the pin more than once I get very different yardages!! Gets confusing. Love everything about it, but sometimes the yardage is way off!

Jason Wobbrock
Prism Rangefinder

Value nearly unparalleled. Performs as well as if not better than higher price point devices. Customer support...A+.


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