Prism Manual

You just received your new Prism rangefinder, now let's find out how to use it!


Slope Technology

Have a downhill or an uphill shot? Don't worry, we'll give you the exact playing distance with the slope accounted for!

PinnedLock Vibration Technology

A small vibrating pulse occurs when you are locked onto the target. No need to second guess your distances ever again.

USB-C Charging

No more tiny batteries. One 45 minute charge will last you over 60 rounds!

Built-In Magnet

A super strong magnet that easily attaches to your cart,club or any other metal surface and NEVER FALLS OFF!

Auto Optimized Display

The display color will automatically change. If it's a bright day, the display will be black. If it's a darker day, the display will be red.

.5 Second Target Acquisition Time

Get readings instantly. No more standing around waiting for a distance.

Tournament Legal

Go out there and bring home the club championship with the help of the Prism. Being able to turn the slope on and off makes it 100% tournament legal.

1000 Yard Range

Even the Long Drive Champ won't be able to hit further than our range.

HD LCD Screen

See the course through our clearest screen ever. It's like you are watching The Masters on a brand new 4K TV.

Water Resistant

Built to resist any type of wetness you may run into on the course.

Two Year Warranty

We 100% stand behind all of our products. Any technical difficulties we will send you a brand new replacement.

How to...

Turn slope on the Prism?

Click the target button on the top of the rangefinder once.

Get a distance?

Click the target button once to turn The Prism on. Aim at your target and click target button again. Your distance will immediately appear.

Note: Do not press and hold target button when attempting to get locked onto target.

Focus a blurry lens?

Rotate the eye piece left/right.

Turn slope on and off?

Locate the slope switch on the side of The Prism and slide it up/down.

Charge the Prism?

Remove the cover under the eye piece that says Pinned and insert USB-C charging cord.

Change from yards to meters?

Click the "Y/M" button on top of The Prism once.