Prism Manual

You just received your new Prism rangefinder, now let's find out how to use it!

How to...

Turn the Prism on.

Click the target button on the top once.

Get a distance.

Once the unit is on, aim at your target and click target button again. Your distance will immediately appear.

Note: Do not press and hold target button when attempting to get locked onto target.

Focus a blurry lens.

Rotate the eye piece left/right.

Turn slope on and off.

Flip the slope switch up or down on the side of the unit.

Charge the Prism.

Remove the "Pinned" cover under the eye piece and insert the USB-C charging cord. A 45 minutes charge and you're good to go!

Change between yards and meters.

Click the "Y/M" button on top of the Prism.


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