Does The Prism have slope mode?

Yes! Our Prism golf rangefinder has two modes; one which gives you the straight up distance and one that takes slope into consideration and does the math for you.

Can you turn the slope off and on?

Yes, The Prism golf rangefinder comes with a slope switch that allows you to turn the slope on and off. This means that The Ace is completely tournament legal. 

What comes with The Prism?

Our Prism golf rangefinder comes with a hard cover colored case that matches the rangefinder color, USB-C charging cord, ball marker, sticker, cleaning cloth, nylon wrist strap.

What is the typical shipping time?

Orders are typically fulfilled within 48 hours of being received and on the mail truck shortly after that. From there it takes the carrier 3-4 business days to get it to your doorsteps.

Do you still sell The Pearl, BlackJack or Ace?

Unfortunately we do not sell any of those golf rangefinders any longer. With heavy hearts we chose to discontinue them. They were great golf rangefinders but we wanted to strictly focus on selling The Prism as we think it is the best golf rangefinder we have put out to date!

Is there a warranty on The Prism?

Yes, we give a two year warranty with a 60 day money back guarantee! Returns will not be accepted after 60 days of receiving The Prism. The warranty is for all technical difficulties and not damages by misuse. 

Do you have a phone number I can call?

We do all of our customer interaction over email. Unfortunately we do not have a phone number for you to call. Please email us at support@pinnedgolf.com

How do I know if it is fully charged?

One 45 minute charge when you receive it and you will be good for the entire season! When fully charged, the green light will be the only one lit.

What’s up with International shipping?

International shipping typically takes 10-14 business days. The customer is responsible for paying any duty/taxes that are associated with the order.
We take responsibility for the shipping costs associated with returning incorrect or defective items only. All other shipping costs associated with the returns or exchange of items is considered the responsibility of the customer.