Golf Rangefinders @ The PGA Championship

Golf Rangefinders @ The PGA Championship

It is finally here, the moment we have been waiting for... the first ever PGA tournament where golf rangefinders will be allowed during play!

Will it speed up play? Will it slow play down? Will players even use them? Will players score lower? What will the players think of using them during the round? These are all questions that have been asked numerous times since The PGA announced the new rule on February 9th. 

This ground breaking rule has come with a lot of backlash and many people who are not happy about it. Many professional caddies have even come out and said that they are very frustrated with the ruling and do not think it will speed up play at all. 

But then there are also people, including us, who think that this is a huge step for golf and will not only speed up pace of play but will help the younger, tech savvy crowd take more interest in the game. Being able to walk up to your ball, shoot the flag, the bunker, your aim point, all with three clicks of a button and know exactly how far you are from each, will allow players to get up and hit their shots faster. Instead of having to walk off yardage or look at their yardage books. 

We want to hear from you guys... do you think this is a good ruling from The PGA? Do you think it will slow down or speed up pace of play? 

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