The Ace

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The Ace is an unbeatable combination of quality and price. It was designed and engineered with all of the features you need in a golf rangefinder and more!  

Bringing together Slope Technology with PinnedLock Vibration Technology, adding in a brand new HD LCD display and allowing it to be powered by a single USB charge that lasts 50+ rounds, there isn't another rangefinder on the market that can compete. 

Customer Reviews

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ozzie salcedo
Amazing Rangefinder!!

Insanely accurate and super easy to use have recommended it to several people already. My 12-year-old daughter uses it for her tournaments and says it’s super easy to lock in

Mike Dyal
Best Range Finder

The Pinned range finder is as good as advertised. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Thanks!

Robin Hornby
Major Flaw

A smart unit with one big flaw – no flagstick recognition feature. And with a brand named “Pinned” one assumes it should. Just about every golf rangefinder on the market has this feature and frankly if I didn’t blame myself for not properly understanding the lack of this feature before I bought it, I would ask for my money back.

Jacob Carr
Getting the Most Out of Your Money

The Ace is the perfect product for golfers everywhere looking to get quality and lasting reliability for their money! As a college golfer that plays competitively year round, the Ace is very reliable within its production of numbers I need to play, as well as a lasting battery. The rechargeable feature is a life saver! This rangefinder is a perfect for Sunday golfers or competitive tournament players!

Cooper Frederick
Works GREAT!

The Ace works very very well! Accurate, the slope is an awesome feature + the vibration so you know you’re hitting the flag. Only feature it is missing is it is not magnetic! For the price, it is the best range finder out there, just would love to have that final feature so I’m not digging through the cart or my bag every shot.